I Can't Make it Any Easier!

By your side, the whole way.

I assist with applications for Social Security benefits (SSI and SSDI), and any appeals that might be needed!

Unlike many attorneys who will begin their work only after your claim has been denied, I am willing to start at the beginning (before you have even applied for benefits) and it doesn't cost you anything extra!

I will work with the homeless, the mentally ill, people who have no money, and support networks or caregivers of people who need assistance.  I represent clients from all over the west coast (Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon and Washington).
Much of our work I can do by telephone, mail, email, or fax, if it is inconvenient to meet with me in person (the usual case).

Social Security regulations specify that attorneys get paid on a contengency fee basis, which means that I get paid only if you win!

How do we start? 
Fill out the form on this website, to the left of this text you are reading. 
Or, call me and leave a message at 360-402-3471. 
Or, send me an email at EdwardJ.Dyer@gmail.com
Make sure I know how to contact you! 

There is no reason to wait another second!  Contact me now!

My practice is limited to Social Security Claims and Appeals (SSI & SSDI Law)!